I can’t begin to tell you, how much you mean to me

My audiences of senior citizens usually connect with the music I play: the songs they heard while growing up, falling in love, serving in the military far from family. The response to my performances can be very subdued, however, especially when I’m playing background music during a meal. Sometimes I hear tapping feet or a bit of soft singing. Other days I’m rewarded with scattered applause. But it’s the comments from listeners who shamble by the piano and share a thought or two that tell me the most about how I’m doing.

Here’s some of the feedback I have received during the last few months:

Hey, you robbed me of some sleep! I’m tired. I was gonna just eat fast and go have a nap, but your music was so great I had to stay and listen.

Good selections today.

When you play the piano, it soothes me.

You can come anytime.

Thank you for the music. It really takes the sting out of life.

You made my day worthwhile.

I can’t be sad when I listen to the kind of music you play.

Brings back a lot of memories.

We appreciate you playing for us. At my table, everyone wanted to be the first to come up with the name of each song. We knew them all.

You made a lot of old people really happy today.

You’re my favorite pianist.

Having you here is the highlight of my week.

Can you come and help my wife get up out of her chair?

Copyright © 2013 by Paulette Bochnig Sharkey
All rights reserved.

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4 Responses to I can’t begin to tell you, how much you mean to me

  1. Sandy Shores says:

    Bless you for doing this. You really ARE appreciated by the elderly. Sometimes they come up with the cutest things and sometimes not so cute. But you really are spreading happiness.

  2. Judie says:

    Loved, loved, loved the ending!!!

  3. Jessa says:

    Lol, that’s very sweet.

  4. Aunt Evie says:

    I’ve needed some cheering up lately, and your blogs really help. Hope you and Tom had a wonderful time in Crete. I’m sure you were missed at the retirement homes where you volunteer.
    Love, Aunt Evie

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