It’s fun to wander through the alphabet with you

One of the blogs I follow is Frances Wilson’s The Cross-Eyed Pianist. She’s a London-based pianist, piano teacher, writer, music reviewer, and blogger.

Back in November, I contributed to the “Pianist’s Alphabet” series on her blog.

My guest post is titled “V is for Volunteer Pianist.” You can read it here.

Writing that guest post for Frances Wilson’s blog inspired me to create this shorthand Volunteer Pianist’s alphabet:

A is for…        Alzheimer’s disease afflicting the Aged in increasing numbers

B is for…        Big band music, a genre my listeners love

C is for…        Crying over beloved old songs

D is for…        Dancing to waltzes and fox trots

E is for…        Emotional moments shared

F is for…        Family visits

G is for…        Great American Songbook, the focus of my volunteer repertoire

H is for           Hearing aids, the better to hear you with, my dear

I is for…         Independence (loss of)

J is for…         Joints, stiff and sore

K is for…        Kindness (small acts of)

L is for…        Listeners eating Lunch

M is for…       Memories stirred by music

N is for…        Nonagenarians, and the occasional centenarian

O is for…        Oxygen machines, accompanying me with their gentle swoosh

P is for…        Piano Lady, that’s me

Q is for…        Queues for bingo games

R is for…        Requests for favorite tunes

S is for…         Singing, a welcome form of audience participation

T is for…        Toe-tapping and usually some Talking

U is for…        Unforgettable stories, the reason I started this blog

V is for…        Veterans who appreciate patriotic songs

W is for…       Wheelchairs and Walkers, everywhere

X is for…        Xeroxed sheet music, lots of it, in the big bag I bring to volunteer gigs

Y is for…        Years left, too few

Z is for…        Zest for life despite pain, illness, and loss

Paulette Bochnig Sharkey

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One Response to It’s fun to wander through the alphabet with you

  1. Jessa says:

    Cool! You have blog friends. Lol.

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